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Jul 25, 2013 10:00am PDT
, they are not necessary. the law of self-defense worked well for years and years an years. and i think there is a determination, and i was proud that both the attorney general and the president, as well as many others, have commented -- john mccain's words that these laws should be reviewed -- were also welcome, that there is a growing consensus that these laws are inconsistent with safe communities. our own poll shows race relations are, 50% of whites think race relations are fairly or very good, but only 38% of african-americans. you think that that's the impact of the verdict, partly? >> there's no doubt that the verdict has had an impact. it's, to some extent, affected people's confidence in the criminal justice system. i think that we've seen conflict and a lot of of tough language being played out indeed in the media. i remain optimistic and hopeful that reasonable minds, that people who are ready to understand that while we've come a great distance when it comes to race and race relations in this nation, in the 21st century there is a lot of unfinished work and that we've got to
Jul 26, 2013 10:00am PDT
that because the defense itself did not pursue a stand your ground defense that it was irrelevant but it was absolutely not. it was part of the position of the judge as she gave instructions to this jury and clearly, this one juror felt very constrained by that. >> when the jury asked during deliberations on that saturday afternoon going into the evening, they asked for further explanation of misdemeanor, and then before -- she sent them back to start talking about it rather than giving them at that moment the further instruction, the clarification. then they never came back and they never got it. so there was something else going on there towards the last couple of hours. sybrina fulton of course trayvon martin's mother, had reacted to this. she said, it is devastating for my family to hear the comments from juror b29, comments which we already knew in our hearts to be true, that george zimmerman literally got away with murder. this new information challenges our nation once again to do everything we can to make sure that this never happens to another child. >> sybrina fulton has
Jul 29, 2013 10:00am PDT
's defensive driver,ke 13. good student and multi-policy discounts could save you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineeif you could accentuate the "r" sound of "dollars." are...are... are... engineer: are... arrrrrr. arrrrr. someone bring me an eye patch, i feel like a bloomin' pirate. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. honestly, i feel like i nailed that. >>> there's more information in a phone book than there is in this particular big pile of phone numbers. it has saved real lives. real folks have come home with their legs, real folks have not had their lives taken when they are commuting to work because of had this program. >> edward snowden's leaks have cast a spotlight on the government's secret surveillance programs, a spotlight which has cost the support, significant support in congress for those programs. joining me now, congressman adam schiff, member of the house intelligence committee, one of those expressing serious concerns abo
Jul 30, 2013 10:00am PDT
his legal defense was trying to clear the decks and hope that they could avoid these more serious convictions which do involve very serious sentencing time, depending on what the judge decides. >> that's right. i mean the charges that he's pled guilty to already carry a sentence of up to 20 years and now there are these charges on top of that. but one of the things that manning's lawyers were trying to do in entering this plea was to show that manning to some degree was taking more responsibility for his actions and that could also influence the judge's thinking when she decides what sentence to impose on him. >> how does this case fit in with -- fit within the larger rubric of how this administration, this justice department, this pentagon has approached these national security cases. >> well, it is a historic verdict, even though manning was acquitted on the aiding the enemy charge because historically the espionage act charges have been brought against spies and against traitors and not against people who leaked information to the media with no ill intent. >> so if you call him
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4